We would like to acquaint you with new products of VEYNA door panels. We are pleased to present you a range of new, interesting materials for a stylish and modern look of your home, apartment or a company. Modernity, exclusivity and prestigious style of our door panels is due to original design and fashionable materials used for their manufacture. These are mainly: lacobel, decorative stone, glass, concrete, and sintered quartz. Welcome to the world of designer news.

VEYNA.  Open up to the world

Discover our models of door panels, which have been enriched with decors made of natural wood, cut directly from the trunk and properly impregnated. Each of the wooden decors is characterized by a unique grain, bringing authenticity and nobility to the door. In the new models, we not only combined wood with aluminum, but also with lacobel glass. Wooden elements can be made in one of 6 colors: Natural Oak, Brendy Oak, Amaranth Oak, Whiskey Oak, Straw Oak, Honey Oak.


Modern line

Here are the first models of our brand new Modern Line series. The series opens with models enriched with vertical slats made of aluminium profiles. The precisely selected distances give the models a light and modern appearance, in line with the latest trends. In addition, the slats can be painted in RAL colours or imitate a wooden covering.

Prestige line (Urban Line)

For this collection, we followed a minimalist form, focusing on the recessed integrated handle, which adds an individual view at nightfall through the possibility of illumination. The doors can be painted in any colour or in several different colours,which further emphasises the modern and simple lines. 

Lacobel line (BLACK CRYSTAL)

Modernity, style and elegance

These are three words that describe the Lacobel Line door panels. The latest collection has been created to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Lacobel is an exclusive type of glass that belongs to the float glass group. The material is covered with a high quality varnish that gives the door an elegant look and makes it resistant to dirt. The perfectly flat surface is easy to clean and remains resistant to mechanical damage.


Prestige line (STONE)

Door panels made of this stylish material are characterized by a stone texture, the design of which allows you to immerse yourself in the imaginative world of raw natural colours. The design of the stone veneer door panels evokes associations with the monumental North American mountain ranges and vast, indigenous desert spaces. It will make a perfect complementation to the architecture of a modern home or loft apartment.

Prestige line (WOOD GRAIN)

Wood Grain door panels have two complementary nature elements. It is an innovative and harmonious combination of industrial style, evoking the "Age of Steam", with large wood rings that will take you deep into the coniferous forest. Let yourself be seduced by the proximity of nature in your home and decorate it in a modern style.

Prestige line (DEEP FOREST)

Door panels with an interesting design are our speciality. The herringbone pattern is associated with a resin-scented coniferous forest, so you can invite nature into your home and make a good natural impression.  The simple and minimalist geometric shape of the door panels is sophisticated, classic and elegant at the same time, which makes it very suitable for any type of building.

Prestige line (NATIVE MINERAL)

It is a natural blend of minerals. Sintered quartz does not exist in the natural environment. The technology consists of mixing and pressing, inter alia, shale clay, quartz sand and granitic rocks. The resulting mixture is hardened by firing. The door panels made of sintered quartz have an industrial and urban design, which at the same time reminds of exclusive and elegant interiors.

Glass line (MODERN GLASS)

This is a line created for customers who like brave colours and interesting projects. Our offer includes original digital printing designs, that we can cover glass panels, so there is something for everyone.  Glass Line is characterized by a unique design, long life, effective thermal insulation, durability and stability. If you have your own design idea, we give you the opportunity to realise it and provide a custom-made product. Open up to the universe of colours with the new series - Glass Line door panel from VEYNA.

Prestige line (LOFT)

Shine with a good entrance and let your guests cross the threshold in style. LOFT Prestige Line door panels are characterized by a raw and minimalistic design enriched by a luxurious and subtle counterpoint in the form of geometric applications. These applications will give your house a modern look and dynamic character.